Ms Collins features twelve spaces that can be individually tailored for different events and requirements. Our operational experience and long-standing venue staff know how to confidently execute events as small as 50, up to 1,000 guests.

We’ve hosted some amazing brands and artists such as Tag Heuer, Tennis Australia and who could forget Boy George for our third birthday!

The Whole Venue​
850+ Pax, 3+ Bars, DJ Console, LED Screen, Lighting, Cloak Room
Ms Collins loves to host a party. She can house up to 850 guests with 12 difference spaces and rooms for a celebration of any size. Ms Collins has private rooms, spaces and booths and can accommodate both cocktail and sit down events. Featuring six bars and four DJ booths (one premier floating artist booth above the main bar), there are endless options to suit your equirements and budget. Highlights include neon and cheeky artwork by artist Juan Mcarb, state of the art AV facilities and a champagne bar.
The Main Bar
350 Pax, Private Bar, DJ Console, LED Screen, Lighting, Cloak Room

Ms Collins grand entrance opens to The Main Bar. This space works as a pinnacle for all other rooms. The Main Bar features a suspended artist booth above the bar which has been architecturally designed to be viewed from all other rooms in the venue. The illuminated bar top provides a minimal and light mood for day events and transforms to colourful electric neon by night.

The Balcony
250 Pax, DJ Console, Private Bar Lighting

The Balcony is home to two bars, two wings, a multitude of leather booths and two neon-art filled rooms that overlook the entire venue. The concept of 1930s heritage building vs underground Parisian street art (mixed with state of the art ceiling and bar lights) create a WOW factor with views from The Balcony. Also featured is the floating artist booth, viewable from all areas and some of the best art in the venue by street artist, Juan Mcarb. Highlights include layered stencil prints of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and captivating neon lights.

The Balcony Central Bar
150 Pax, DJ Console, Private Bar

The Balcony Central Bar is prime real estate for a busy stand-up event. With views of the entire venue, The Balcony Central Bar is adjacent to the artist booth and in the heart of the upper level. Featuring high top chairs and a bar along the entire length of the space, this area is perfect for a stand up event of drinks and canapés. Highlights include full access to the bar for all guests and top views of the entire venue.

The Balcony Side Bar
100 Pax, Private Bar

The Balcony Side Bar is situated on the east wing of the upper level of Ms Collins. Featuring a fully equipped bar, this space has grand views of the entire venue, artist booth and includes two seated rooms, The Gallery and The Show Pony booth. There is also close access to bathrooms and stairs to the lower level. Highlights include easy bar access and visuals of top artwork by Juan Mcarb.

The Ballroom
60 Pax, Private Bar, DJ Console

The Ballroom is the ultimate destination for a closed door event. This space can hold up to 60 guests with room to move. The Ballroom has a full bar dedicated to your function and is very versatile in terms of privacy of space. It can be fully closed off from the rest of the venue with sound—proof windows and floor to ceiling black curtains, or fully opened up with bifold windows onto the main bar.

The Champagne Bar
40 Pax, Private Bar, DJ console

The Champagne Bar is Ms Collins most intimate room on the east wing of the venue. Featuring a neon Dom Pérignon shield above the entrance, this room will appeal best to those with an innate sense of luxury and elegance. This prime location has wide set glass windows with views of Collins Street and features an illuminated marble bar top and elegant original chandelier fixtures.

80 Pax, Private Bathrooms, Private Bar, DJ Console, Separate Entrance via 419 Collins, Wheelchair accessible via lift

Little Ms Collins is Ms Collins secret and elaborate event space, tucked away on the third level. LMC features secret birds eye views of the venue and Collins Street. Split across two rooms, this space features a private bar, bathroom, DJ console and separate entrance from 419 Collins Street as well as the car park basement. LMC highlights include bespoke artwork and carpet design by artist, Juan Mcarb plus interchangeable furniture for exclusive cocktail events.



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